Urban Science More Effectively Manages Its Business and Client Relationships in Real Time with Verint

Rob Lamoureux October 12, 2023

Urban Science, a leading data analytics-based technology and consulting firm for the automotive industry, builds long-term relationships of increasing value through completely satisfied clients.

Learn how it measures and improves its performance, as well as more effectively manages its business and client relationships, using Verint Voice of the Customer solutions—most notably Verint Survey Management and its powerful dashboard and case management functionality.

With Verint serving as the backbone of the company’s global Net Promoter Score (NPS) program, which is deployed in eight languages across 21 countries, Urban Science has real-time visibility to key performance metrics and the ability to perform instant action planning—enabling it to live up to its “best-in-class” promise and drive an extremely high NPS score of 88.7+ percent.

Watch the customer video on Verint.com.