The Secret to Delivering Seamless In-Person and Online Retail Experiences

Josh Ballard December 14, 2023

In modern retail, where digital and in-store experiences are more entwined than ever before, providing seamless customer experiences is key. But how can retailers ensure harmony between seemingly disparate customer touchpoints? The findings from the recently published CX Holiday Survival Guide are clear—the answer is data. Or to be more specific, connected customer data.

Connecting Physical and Digital Experiences

The report found that retailers clearly understand the customer demand for connecting digital and in-store customer experiences, as many of them offer several opportunities for consumers to bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds.

Customers can start their journey online, research products, and seamlessly transition to in-store shopping or vice versa, enabled by services such as buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) (69%), checking in-store stock online (59%), and booking in-store appointments (58%).

This seamless, integrated shopping across digital and in-store channels fosters customer loyalty among consumers looking for a consistent and convenient experience.

So why is having connected customer data key to delivering these experiences? We drilled down into the results of the chart above to find out.

Delivering Retail Services Is Easier with Connected Customer Data

The findings show that retailers that connect customer data across all their engagement channels are significantly more likely to offer a range of services that bridge the gap between in-person and online.

What’s even better is that these experiences can all be automated, providing customers with in-the-moment service while deflecting their inquiries away from the contact center and store associates, freeing them to serve more customers.

Enabling Omnichannel Customer Journeys

As customer journeys become increasingly intricate, especially during the holiday season, retailers face the challenge of managing diverse touchpoints. The guide addresses this complexity head-on, providing strategies to navigate the varied paths customers take, from online research to in-store purchases.

With competition fierce and supply chain disruptions adding a layer of complexity, the guide emphasizes the importance of a cohesive omnichannel strategy. It encourages retailers to break down data silos, connecting the contact center, back office, and stores.

This unification of supply chain, inventory, and customer data helps ensure a seamless, elevated experience for shoppers.

Explore The CX Holiday Survival Guide

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