PREMIER Bankcard Turns Insights into Results with Verint Speech Analytics

Rob Lamoureux February 17, 2023

PREMIER Bankcard offers credit cards to people who are building credit for the first time or need an opportunity to rebuild credit. Today, this longtime customer uses Verint Quality Management, Workforce Management, Performance Management, Knowledge Management, and Speech Analytics in its contact centers.

In particular, the company’s use of Verint Speech Analytics, which is spearheaded by its customer experience (CX) and process innovation team, has grown over the years and now supports customer service, collections, and customer retention. Always looking to improve the customer experience and journey, PREMIER empowered its quality assurance reps and customer service agents to identify issues and areas of improvement—with data analysis from Verint Speech Analytics central to this effort.

With the ability to leverage the Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics-powered solution to harness millions of interactions, the CX and process innovation team is generating insights that are contributing to operating efficiencies and cost reduction. In turn, the solution is helping PREMIER deliver a premier experience to its customers.

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