MTD Modernizes scheduling with Verint Workforce Management in the Cloud

Verint Team April 27, 2021

MTD Products is a leader in outdoor power equipment manufacturing. We produce everything, from lawnmowers to snow throwers to string trimmers. In 2017 during our implementation process with Verint, we worked with the Verint team for a smooth and seamless transition.

They were able to take all of our historical data and roll it up into the Verint product that we are now using today, but the relationship didn’t just stop there. We are still working with them as a team today, we have been able to integrate the Verint solution into some of our other processes, like live chat and social media.

Using the Verint Workforce Management system, it has allowed my agents to take ownership of their schedules. We have gone from a 75 to 80% of schedule adherence to a 90% and above. We are answering more calls with less people. We have been able to schedule thousands of hours of training which is something that is requested by all of our agents throughout our entire contact center.

Using the Verint tool, MTD Products has been able to modernize the way that we do Workforce Management. We have gone from complicated Excel spreadsheets that have had many different formulas on them that only one person knew how to do, to a cloud-based Workforce Management tool, and how else do you get more modernized than that?

My favourite part of working with Verint is our relationship that we have with the Verint team. The fact that I’m able to reach out to them, day or night, the ability to ask them questions, even if it’s something that I’ve asked before, I know that they’re going to respond to me. It’s also their true concern if they can see that there’s something I’m unsure about, or if there’s something I need help with. It is the fact that they reach out to me, that they follow up, that they even send surveys because they truly are concerned with how they are responding to us.

They’re always willing to make our relationship better. They’re willing to work with many different members of the MTD Products team, from our IT department to our leadership team. They explain things in a way that I don’t know that another solution would. They have truly made our relationship one of the best, and it has helped me grow my Workforce Management career by leaps and bounds, and I’m so proud of the relationship that we have with them.