Knowledge Management Gets Smarter

Verint Team January 10, 2020

Knowledge management has become an essential solution to the contact center industry given its important role in both the customer experience and the employee experience. Providing a fast and efficient way to connect employees and customers to the knowledge they need is no longer a customer service luxury—it is a customer experience necessity.

Proprietary 2019 Saddletree Research data indicates that 62 percent of the industry is currently using knowledge management software and an additional 25 percent will be acquiring a knowledge management solution within a year. The industry clearly understands the value of knowledge management in the contact center.

With the announcement of the Verint Knowledge Management Professional solution, Verint is pushing the knowledge management envelope by introducing artificial intelligence (AI) into the knowledge management mix. The net result is a knowledge management platform that works out of the box and continues to learn over time based on interactions with the knowledge.

The automation capabilities Verint Knowledge Management Professional brings to the table provide a knowledge base that isn’t dependent upon thousands of interactions to determine if a piece of information is useful or not.

The difference between Verint’s knowledge management solution and all others is Verint’s use of probabilistic algorithms to determine a best match between a data set and a search in real time. This means the algorithms ascertain the probability of there being a match between what the user is searching for and what is in the knowledge base without having to first go through thousands of interactions and hours of training.

This doesn’t mean, however, that Verint Knowledge Management Professional doesn’t benefit from multiple searches for the same data. After the system has been used within the enterprise it does in fact get smarter. This is where AI and the ability to learn through pattern recognition becomes critically important.

Time gives Verint’s knowledge management platform the ability to quickly recognize what a user is searching for and will proactively provide the information to the user based upon context. It can anticipate and answer questions before the questions are actually asked.

The infusion of AI into Verint’s knowledge management platform means the system can quickly and efficiently adapt to a rapidly changing knowledge environment. New content that is added to, or removed from, the knowledge base appears immediately in searches without manual input or additional machine learning. Replacing these typically manual tasks helps reduce total cost of ownership while at the same time making information easier to find.

Verint Knowledge Management Professional has taken traditional knowledge management and turned it on its ear, rendering legacy knowledge management methodology obsolete. At Verint’s customer conference in 2019, Engage, Verint executives made it clear that the three pillars of Verint’s strategy going forward are Simplify, Modernize and Automate. With Verint Knowledge Management Professional, they’ve nailed it.

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