Join Verint and AWS December 16 for the “Reimagine the Future of Customer Engagement” Webinar

Verint Team December 7, 2021

After more than a year of staff working from home and now slowly returning to the office, companies face new challenges. The pandemic accelerated trends for working and shopping from home — and these trends require new approaches for engaging customers and employees.

How are leading brands adopting cloud technology while balancing remote and in-office staff?

Join Jake Burns, AWS Enterprise Strategist, Jaime Meritt, Chief Product Officer at Verint, and Celia Fleischaker, Chief Marketing Officer at Verint, as they discuss how technology, automation, and a hybrid workforce of humans and bots are helping meet higher customer and employee expectations.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How leveraging the cloud can provide differentiated, agile customer experiences.
  • How AWS and Verint are setting companies up for success with the new global workforce.
  • What market trends and technology requests companies need to be prepared to embrace.

Register today—we look forward to having you join us!