How Verint’s Newest Bot Stops Fraudsters

Bridget Lange December 6, 2023

Every day, fraudsters target contact centers around the world. Regardless of the industry or geography of the organization, they’re trying to find a way to drain funds, steal sensitive customer information, and take money from your company.

When they do this, they’re not only hurting your bottom line, but they’re also damaging your company’s integrity and reputation.

The new Verint Call Risk Scoring Bot stops fraud attacks—including sophisticated, automated ones—before they ever get a chance to manipulate your live agents or exploit your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

Using AI, this bot can immediately detect that a fraudster is a bad actor and not only prevent their call from getting through, but also keep them from ever trying to attack again.

Working in real time, the Call Risk Scoring Bot analyzes your telecom metadata and caller behavior to assign a score to every call coming into the contact center or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. Advanced AI inspects dozens of data points to ensure that the caller is legitimate.

If the bot detects anomalies, it scores the caller as high risk and prevents them from reaching the contact center or accessing any data through automated systems.

At the same time, the bot makes for a better customer experience, by identifying your legitimate customers and eliminating repetitive authentication steps for them—saving valuable time. It also improves the agent experience by blocking social engineering attempts, so your agents can focus their efforts on providing differentiated experiences for real customers.

The Call Risk Scoring bot has already saved Verint customers millions of dollars in fraud losses, often immediately upon deployment. Here are a just a few things the bot has done for a range of different organizations:

  • Prevented about $10 million in annual fraud losses for a financial services company
  • Helped a retailer reduce gift card fraud by 90 percent
  • Allowed a health services account provider that had been the target of a fraud attack to effectively cut contact center fraud to $0 after implementation.
  • Reduced average handle time for legitimate customers by 20 seconds by eliminating the need for repetitive authentication steps.

To learn more about how to stop contact center fraudsters in their tracks, reach out to a Verint representative for a demo.