Forrester Named Verint Community a Strong Performer in B2B Community Management

Jon Allen January 25, 2024

An online community is more than just a website.

It’s a place where everyone from your customers to business partners to employees to loyal fans of your organization comes to truly interact with your brand, on their own terms.

A private online community helps your organization uncover actionable insight to improve customer satisfaction, drive self-service to reduce support costs and increase capacity, and increase loyalty to boost revenue—while also providing an environment where meaningful business connections are made.

These days, an online community also must be sophisticated enough to meet the expectations of the modern customer. A community needs advanced capabilities, such as built-in gamification, a configurable rules engine for automation, blogs with workflows and SEO enhancement settings, as well as discussion and Q&A forums.

Additionally, it should act as the always-on hub for resources such as knowledge articles, product documentation, and how-to videos to help customers find the information they need to self-serve without having to use more expensive support channels.

Forrester Research, a leading independent research firm, set out to measure the effectiveness of online communities with its recently published report “The Forrester Wave™: Community Management Software for B2B, Q4 2023.” At the end of the evaluation, Forrester named Verint Community a strong performer in the online community space.

The report and its corresponding research measured the capabilities of six software vendors on their current offering, strategy, and market presence. Forrester named Verint Community as a strong performer amongst the vendors it evaluated. We believe Forrester gave Verint high marks due to its emphasis on AI-driven features such as automated moderation and a recommendation engine based on member activity.

Additionally, Verint is acknowledged as the best choice for companies seeking a robust platform “in the here and now, and willing to advocate for continued elevation of the community offering.”

Verint continues to embrace the disruptive nature of AI, using advanced AI to boost CX automation as part of the Verint Open CCaaS Platform.

By leveraging AI, real-time analytics, self-service and workforce orchestration, Verint Community reduces the time and effort it takes to deliver a superior customer experience with demonstrable ROI. This allows your community to serve as a bridge, supporting self-service, efficiently channeling feedback, and encouraging peer-to-peer support and teamwork while helping build customer loyalty.

“AI will change communities’ interactions, processes, and predictive capabilities. It will help community managers create more resonant and personalized interactions for community members. Chat functions will address questions and direct users to the information they require, and personalized journeys will enable digital-first customer success.

Machine learning will contribute improved data analytics, providing insights into drivers of retention and growth for product, marketing, and sales,” wrote Amy Bills, vice president and principal analyst with Forrester, in the report.

Want to know more about the impact of online communities on your business? Check out “The Verint Guide to Customer Communities.”