Forbes Comms Council: Better, Faster, Stronger: How to Supercharge Voice of the Customer Programs With Listening

Susanne Pitts February 22, 2023

With the significant disruptions to customer journeys over the last few years, many brands are looking for effective ways to supplement traditional approaches to VoC.

At the same time, businesses have goals they want to achieve when they ask questions—whether it’s learning about recurring challenges when buying, understanding trends that influence buying decisions, or identifying poor customer experiences in real time.

Organizations can embrace listening in their VoC initiatives to surface truly authentic insights in an organic way by listening to the feedback customers are providing through social streams and other digital channels—rather than pushing consumers to give feedback via corporate constructs.

Think of it as listening to them where they already are—not where you’ve asked them to be.

Verint Chief Marketing Officer Celia Fleischaker, a Forbes Communications Council member, goes exploring.