Electric Utilities Boost CSAT and ROI by Making CX a Bright Spot

Shannon LattaAugust 19, 2020

Check it out! The new Verint Experience Index: Electric Utilities report reveals that delivering on CX pays off for providers.

This report ranks top 25 providers, identifies CX trends, and shares COVID-19 best practices. Based on input from more than 6,200 electric utility customers, the report makes it clear that customers have high standards for utilities.

In fact, they judge utility providers by the same experience yardstick they use for retail, banking and other marketplace interactions: They expect convenience and personalization—and they reward providers that deliver.

In the rankings of 25 top providers in the U.S., Florida Power & Light Co., Georgia Power Co., and XU Energy earn highest customer satisfaction (CSAT) marks from customers. Florida Power & Light and Georgia Power also finished first and second in the NPS rankings.

With COVID-19 impacting both utility customers and providers, the Index includes a special section on CX best practices that utilities are using to overcome social distancing and economic challenges.

Read the full blog and review the report.

For more information, read today’s press release.