Assessing the Health of Your Verint Solution

Matthew Storm May 9, 2023

Just like any technology investment, it’s important to take a step back and look at the health of your Verint solution from time to time. At Verint Engage 2023, a distinguished panel of experts will be fielding questions from the user community about what hurts, what doesn’t seem right, and what can be done now to prevent trouble in the future.

So, whether you’ve been using Verint for over 10 years or 10 months, stop and perform a wellness check with us on the 5 components of a healthy Verint solution.

  1. Cloud Readiness Health: Maintaining or moving your Verint applications to the cloud is an important and healthy step to maximize a future return on investment and prepare you to rapidly deploy new features as Verint continually innovates. Bring your questions about cloud security, data migration, reporting, multisite environments, hybrid deployments, managed services, and licensing to our panel.
  2. Employee Engagement Health: Engaged contact center employees are why Workforce Engagement is at the heart of the Verint portfolio of solutions. However, many of the aspects of day-to-day employee engagement are stuck in bad habits during coaching sessions, in the “we-have-always-done-it-this-way” forecasting and scheduling, in poor sampling of interactions, in disjointed processes across customer channels, through a revolving door of agents, possibly poorly designed work-from-home policies, and boring systems of rewards and recognition. Learn from seasoned experts in this session as to why innovations in mobile apps, custom reporting, desktop analytics, analytics-driven quality, and gamification should be on your wellness roadmap for 2024 and beyond.
  3. Advanced Features and Maturity Health: Last year at Verint Engage, Jaime Meritt, Verint’s Chief Product Officer, shared that many Verint customers have the opportunity to realize more value from their Verint applications than they currently are realizing. Do you see options and features that you’ve never used before? Have you taken advantage of using surveys in your coaching program? Have you incorporated speech analytics findings into larger business intelligence initiatives across your enterprise? Do you use advanced scheduling techniques? These are the burning questions that need answering to increase the maturity of your Verint power users.
  4. Customer Experience Health: A healthy Verint solution delivers CX results! Customers get quick answers in self-service, customers get to agents quickly, agents provide solid answers in full-service through easy-to-use knowledge management tools, first contact resolution is up, dissatisfaction is down, and analytics and survey mechanisms provide the indirect and direct feedback to make it all happen smoothly. This may sound like a healthy pipe dream in your world, but you can learn actionable steps to enhance the maturity of your solutions.
  5. Regulatory Health: Engaged employees and incredible customer experiences are still bound by personal privacy, union, credit card security, disclaimers, and other technical details that flow through your contact center and back office. This Group Elite session at Verint Engage will cover best practices in the regulatory world, so come ready with the tough questions.

Join us June 12-15 at Verint Engage to assess the health of your Verint solution—you won’t want to miss the session PLUS be eligible for a free WELLNESS CHECK from GROUP ELITE.