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Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection

Manage Identity Authentication With Voice Biometrics

Contact centers typically use security questions, or knowledge-based authentication (KBA), to verify callers. However, this decades-old methodology is increasingly ineffective at stopping professional fraudsters, who use stolen card information from data breaches and social engineering to get past agents. Worse yet, the security questions tend to drive up average handle times while frustrating customers.

Verint offers identity authentication and fraud detection solutions that leverage voice biometrics to passively verify customers and identify fraudsters during live calls. Our solutions do not require callers to use specific passphrases and can make authentication faster, easier, and more secure than traditional authentication methods. Our solutions can help your contact center:

  • Foster a better customer experience by reducing the number of security questions.
  • Reduce agent handle time and contact center costs.
  • Enhance fraud detection by screening calls against a database of known fraudster voiceprints.

Verint Identity Authentication

Verint Identity Authentication is a voice biometric solution that uses the unique vocal characteristics of individuals, or “voiceprints,” to verify the identity of customers as they call into the contact center in real time. The solution can passively enroll or screen customers’ voices in the background and can accurately match a caller’s voice to the voiceprint on record within seconds. Once the identity is verified, the solution can notify the agent, who can bypass security questions and begin providing assistance. After customers’ voices are enrolled, they can be recognized in real time during future calls, helping to reduce the number of security questions—and costly average handle times.

Verint Fraud Detection

Verint Fraud Detection incorporates passive voice biometrics to profile and recognize the voiceprints of fraudulent callers. It stores the voiceprints of known fraudsters in a database and silently screens incoming calls against it. When a match is detected, the solution can notify the agent and/or fraud management system.

Verint Fraud Detection can track an individual fraudster’s voice across multiple accounts and time periods, helping develop a rich database of insight into fraudster activities and behaviors. This intelligence can provide your organization with visibility into fraud patterns and fraudster details that were previously unavailable from a single source. Armed with this insight, your contact center can significantly enhance its fraud detection rate.