Selling Outcomes, Not Tech: CX Today Spotlights How Verint Flipped the Script

Sue Huss April 10, 2024

The last 18 months have seen many tech vendors converging on the customer experience (CX) space. Despite the increased competition in the market, Verint has demonstrated that its applications continue to drive significantly higher value by meeting customers where they are.

As Charlie Mitchell discusses in his recent article for CX Today, Verint recognized an opportunity to stand out from the CX crowd: to lead with the impact on outcomes, not the tech.

As Verint CEO Dan Bodner says, “You’re not buying Verint AI technologies. You are buying Verint AI business outcomes, and you should be able to measure the ROI.”

Building on this thought, Verint launched its open platform and specialized bot strategy in 2023. Based on the results in the past six months, the company is not just surviving, it’s thriving by leveraging this unique approach to CX automation.

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