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Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency can be the key to higher profit margins and deeper shareholder satisfaction, but it can also require a continual reprioritization to balance quality of service with costs, staffing, and other resources.  Verint offers a wide range of solutions that can automate and provide insight into time-consuming processes while helping organizations make better use of their resources. 

Since operational efficiency is generally a moving target, Verint solutions can help enterprises continually monitor workload, activities, events, and staffing and adjust plans quickly to achieve efficiency goals and service-level agreements (SLAs).   Robust reporting functionality can help organizations quantify processes and other aspects of their operations, facilitating better, more informed decision making.

Verint solutions can help organizations can implement a continuous cycle of improvement and move toward a culture of operational excellence.

Verint operational efficiency solutions include:

  • Verint Personalized Guidance for providing real-time guidance to help identify the root cause of suboptimal customer/agent interactions, offer in-the-moment guidance to agents, and surface and analyze insights from those calls.
  • Impact 360 Enterprise Workforce Optimization for enhancing service and performance across the areas of the organization that impact the customer experience.
  • Impact 360 for Back-Office Operations for automating and simplifying many activities in the back office while providing unprecedented visibility into—and data about—operations processes, staffing, and tasks.
  • Impact 360 for Retail Financial Services for helping bank branches better forecast workload and schedul the appropriate number of staff to handle it.
  • Impact 360 Workforce Management for automating and simplifying the labor-intensive process of forecasting workload and scheduling the appropriate number of staff to handle it
  • Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics for gaining insight into processes and employee desktop activities.
  • Impact 360 Quality Monitoring for ensuring the quality and consistency of customer interactions.
  • Impact 360 Recording  for capturing calls and screens for compliance, sales verification, and dispute resolution.
  • Verint Voice of the Customer Analytics for examining customer interactions and sentiment across a broad range of channels and applying this intelligence across the enterprise to drive enhancements and efficiencies.
  • Work Allocation Manager helps keep employees focused on the most important work items, while enabling managers to better monitor completion.


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