Schedule flexibility for contact center agents

A radically better way for agents to manage their own schedules – without compromising your customers wait times.

Key features

  • True agent flexibility

    Flexible scheduling for shift swaps and shift bidding to provide employees with the flexibility needed to fit work into their lives.

  • Empower agents

    Agents can adjust their shifts in real-time without lengthy and restrictive approval processes.

  • Reduce costly manual review processes

    Free up team leads and workforce planners to focus on what they do best. Automate agent shift alterations. Reduce cost and friction of approvals & replanning.

Increase contact center retention

High agent turnover is one of the most significant costs to a contact center; impacting recruitment, training, team leader attention, and your customers who have to rely on agents that are still coming up to speed.

Offering shift flexibility through our platform has been shown to reduce attrition by as much as 30%.

Improve customer wait times

Providing a great agent experience is no good if it blows out your customer wait times. Our algorithm uses your forecast demand, staffing levels, and customer targets to balance employee flexibility with the needs of the business.

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Integrates with your WFM Platform

Migrating workforce management (WFM) platforms can be a complex and costly process. These capabilities enhance your Verint WFM platform, letting you offer agents real scheduling flexibility without changing your existing platforms and processes.