Workforce Management and Scheduling Solutions for PSAPs

Enhance your emergency response center’s forecasting capabilities, align your workforce with anticipated workload, and improve operational management. Gain visibility into command center staffing, processes, and workflow across mission-critical operations.

Reduce Staffing Challenges in Your Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)

Whether your response center is big or small, effectively managing your workforce is a huge challenge. Your employees demand flexible schedules, yet you need competent staff to provide adequate emergency call handling, regulatory compliance, and adherence to protocols.

Verint® Workforce Management™ features a broad array of capabilities to meet the needs of modern emergency response and command center operations. Deployed in the cloud or on premises, the solution offers a single view into all employees, including their skills, proficiencies, rank, and availability to handle workload.

By leveraging this information, you can quickly align your workforce with your workload, avoid over- and under-staffing, and achieve faster response times.

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Benefit from purpose-built analytics tools, look at historical call volumes, and predict future workload

When human lives can depend on accurate and speedy responses to emergency calls, reducing risk and optimizing operational efficiency are imperative.

Public safety telecommunication managers must be able to forecast the expected volume of incoming calls, justify their staffing needs and accurately plan ahead.

When using Verint Workforce Management along with the Verint Recording for Public Safety suite, call statistics are imported hourly and daily, accruing over time, so the data can be used to forecast future needs. The solution also provides a real-time, graphical view of actual and predicted contact volume, response times, and more.

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Increase employee satisfaction by providing flexible work schedules

Retaining and managing a staff of highly skilled professionals is more challenging than ever. Today’s employees demand flexible, easily accessible schedules and if their needs are not met, they might move on.

Verint Workforce Management can automate staff access to work schedules and provide automated schedule control with mobile capabilities. This way your employees can:

  • Request preferred start times by day, and preferences for days off in the week.
  • Access scheduling information and perform schedule change request activities at any time, from their mobile devices.
  • View projections for periods of under- / over-staffing, enabling them to request blocks of voluntary time off, or overtime that aligns with their individual skills and proficiencies.
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