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Verint expert business consultants deliver real business value through strategic, operations, and analytics consulting services that instill best practices and operational excellence to help you increase revenue, decrease costs, and build enduring customer relationships.

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Why Verint Consulting Services?

The business environment is ever-changing and increasing in complexity.  Your business needs to adapt and change to meet the demands of customers while optimizing the use of available resources.

At the center of this complexity are your customers and your people.  Ensuring an excellent customer and employee experience takes strategy, planning, alignment, and execution.

Creating business agility and making the right organizational, operational, and technology changes often requires an outside-in perspective and help to get it all done while the business continues to run.

Our Team of Experts

Our business consultants have a wealth of expertise across industries to help our clients define and realize their business strategies and operational imperatives.  The team brings a unique combination of deep consulting backgrounds with thought leadership and proven results in customer experience, contact center, and operational consulting.

Our consulting team has been featured in over 200 Forrester, Gartner, and other analyst reports. We have led successful efforts with over 300 of the Fortune 1000 along with multiple federal, state, and municipal agencies.

Through our strategic, operations, and analytics consulting services, we help create a clear path to business value whether the need is for increased revenue, decreased costs, or stronger customer relationships.

Strategic Consulting Services

To move forward, organizations need a sound business, operations, and technology strategy to set the target vision, the desired outcomes, and a course for achieving them.

The strategies we build with our clients aren’t just aspirational material. We develop actionable roadmaps with a clear plan of action that starts with early quick wins to build momentum and continues with the completion of major initiatives and tangible business outcomes.

Examples of our capabilities in strategic consulting include:

  • Organizational:
    • Operational Change Management and Organizational Design
    • Contact Center Assessment and Transformation Strategy
    • Center of Excellence Design and Development
    • Cloud Migration Strategy and Planning
  • Customer Experience:
    • Digital Channel Strategy
    • Customer Journey Mapping and Persona Development
    • Customer Experience and Employee Experience Strategies
    • Voice of the Customer / Employee Program Development

Operations Consulting

Whether in the contact center or back office, across the branches, in the store, or through digital channels, our team of expert consultants can help optimize your operations to drive efficient, effective action for your customers and your business.

We leverage our proven set of business capabilities and ever-evolving best practices to find what works for your business, culture, and customers. We help you get the most out of your investment in your Verint solutions, including:

  • Desktop and Process Analytics (DPA)
  • Experience Management
  • Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA)
  • Knowledge Management
  • Operations Manager
  • Performance Management
  • Quality Management and Automated Quality Management
  • Real-Time Agent Assist and Coaching
  • Speech Analytics and Text Analytics
  • Workforce Management

Analytics Consulting

There are a lot of sources of customer and interaction data today – surveys, speech transcriptions, chat interactions, social media, digital activities, and more. Distilling meaningful insights and connecting the data across touchpoints and channels can be challenging.

Our consultants have extensive experience and deep expertise in deriving valuable business insights from a wide range of data sources. We work with your team to turn those insights into concrete plans of action and help you build the business case to translate those insights and actions into tangible ROI.

Some examples of how we help our clients include:

  • Interaction Analytics Practice Development (Speech and Text Analytics)
  • Survey Design, Insight Generation, and Administration
  • Market Research (B2C/B2B, Qualitative and Quantitative)
  • Analytics Managed Services / Business Insights Delivery
  • Business Case Development
  • An Analytics Driven, Total Quality Program Definition
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Proven Results with Verint Consulting Services

Verint Consulting Services are designed and customized to your specific business needs to ensure the realization of real business value and a return on investment.

We have a proven track record of helping clients achieve lasting business value and capability growth through:

  • Deeper utilization of Verint solutions and functionality
  • Adoption of best practices across business functions
  • Process/operations excellence to drive effectiveness and efficiency
  • Improved customer interactions with the ability to focus efforts on your end customers’ experience
  • Return on Investment in terms of business cases both through analytics and efficient operations

Our clients benefit from improved customer and employee experience, greater revenue generation, and increased operational efficiencies and cost reductions.