Verint Value Realization Services

Create a clear path to value, increase solution adoption, and capture tangible benefits.

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The Value Realization Challenge

Investing in a software solution takes a lot of effort, from conducting due diligence, building a business case, gaining buy-in, then going through the procurement process. After all this effort, expectations are high for fast value creation and return on investment.

Unfortunately, a lot of things can get in the way of realizing the full value of your software implementations.

  • Organizational or leadership changes.
  • Shift in priorities.
  • Employee turnover.
  • Resistance to change.

Often, you need an outside-in view to understand where the issues are and how to fast track your value realization.

Verint Value Realization Services

Verint Value Realization Services help Verint customers mature and optimize their use of Verint software resulting in a clear path to value and increased solution adoption. We can help you regain focus on the desired business outcomes and promote standardized application usage, processes and the governance needed to ensure continuous value creation. These services provide a tangible way to track the actual impact your solutions have on customers, business operations, and, ultimately, shareholder value.

There are Value Realization Service offerings that take a broader look at your Verint solutions, such as:

  • Value Discovery: document a recommendation roadmap and business case for change to ensure value creation from your Verint solution investments.
  • WFE Technical Architecture Health Check: Assess the availability, reliability, and speed of your Verint environment to help keep your IT systems running smoothly, allowing you to leverage the knowledge of our organization across multiple industries and best practices.

Solution-Specific Value Realization Services

We also offer Value Realization Service offerings that are customized for specific solutions, such as Verint Interaction Insights, Quality Application Optimization, WFM Model Optimization, Call Risk Scoring Optimization, Knowledge Value Optimization, and more. These consulting engagements will include a detailed usage analysis, documentation of recommendations and opportunities, and where applicable, software configurations designed to increase value.

The focus on proven methodologies and best practices for these solutions helps ensure greater adoption and capture of the full value the solutions have to offer.

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Key Benefits of Verint Value Realization Services

These services provide a tangible way to track actual business impact and ultimately shareholder value. Key benefits of Verint Value Realization Services can include:

  • The identification of cost-reduction opportunities
  • Improvements to top line revenue
  • Increased scalability – enabling other parts of your organization to see the value and adopt similar solutions and a consistent way of working
  • A sense of accomplishment for project participants who can see and quantify the impact of their work
  • Recognition of a job well done, promoting employee loyalty and well-being.
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