Quality Assurance and Employee Training Solutions for Emergency Response Centers

Introduce automation to your PSAP’s quality assurance program, and enable your emergency response processes to be tracked, measured, analyzed, and refined.

Say goodbye to manual scoring

There is no activity in quality monitoring more time consuming than manually scoring evaluations. With thousands of interactions to evaluate — and limited resources — quality staff may struggle to accurately assess telecommunicators’ skill gaps and find time for the one-on-one coaching that can help improve their performance.

By automating elements such as scoring, you can revolutionize how your agency approaches quality; shifting resources from identifying opportunities to improve employee performance to actually improving it.

Score up to 100 percent of interactions across all recorded phone and text interactions

Verint Automated Quality Management can enable you to automatically score up to 100 percent of your recorded phone and text interactions. This way the solution offers much greater insight than you will ever receive from manual sampling and allow your quality team to focus on other activities that can add more value to your operations, including:

  • Analyzing calls
  • Evaluating compliance with regulations and protocols
  • Providing targeted coaching

Harness the power of automation and elevate your quality program to a level that is difficult to obtain through traditional, stand-alone quality management solutions.

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Reveal hidden capacity and increase productivity

Although most emergency centers are familiar with recording telephone interactions and monitoring call quality, they also need the ability to track, measure, analyze, and refine emergency response operations.

Verint Desktop and Process Analytics complements screen and voice recording by providing insights into employee desktop activities, application usage, as well as protocol and schedule adherence.

Your control room can use the captured information to:

  • improve efficiency
  • reduce costs and liability
  • enhance mission-critical communications
  • populate performance-based scorecards
  • build more targeted and personalized training programs
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