Zappix is an automated self-service solutions company that supports customer journeys using AI-powered workflows that deliver specific content and call-to-actions to customers when they need it.

Why partner with Zappix

Zappix provides On-Demand visual self-service solutions that transform the user journey during contact center interactions using three key products: Visual IVR, Outbound Engagement, and On-Demand Agent Assistant.

The Visual IVR solution is geared towards businesses that have many customers who prefer to call into the call center to get their questions answered instead of using the business’s website or native app.

Zappix Visual IVR is integrated seamlessly with Verint so that it becomes a real-time support tool that utilizes the Verint IVR to identify who the caller is and why they are calling, then alerts Zappix to pull the specific content and/or call-to-action the caller needs and presents it to the caller visually. Verint delivers audible guidance throughout the customer interaction, while all the interaction information is captured in Visual IVR and passed to Verint so that additional actions and/or tracking is done.

Zappix Outbound Engagement uses the same approach to create a Virtual IVR like experience for non-inbound use cases as well. AI-powered cadences push the Virtual IVR to customers before they call, helping prevent the customer from calling into the call center. The Virtual IVR is tightly integrated with Verint so that all the interactions are tracked, and additional actions can be performed by the business or Agent.

Zappix On-Demand Agent Assistant allows the Agent to push the Virtual IVR to a customer at any given time, helping reduce the actions the Agent needs to make when they are engaged with a customer.

Zappix services all industries and customers enjoy higher customer satisfaction ratings, substantially reduced operational costs, and highly improved KPIs (i.e. Average Handling Time, First Call Resolution, and Containment Rates).

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Zappix Visual IVR is the combination of a visual interface that provides digital controls and self-service functions as part of the inbound caller experience.