Sentient Machines

Empowering smarter human communication using AI for all humans in the world, Sentient Machines leverage context and emotion for ultimate human and computer synergy.

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Why partner with Sentient Machines

Sentient Machines military grade secure platform seamlessly plugs in to your communication channels to analyse 100% of your customer interactions (voice, email, chat, chat bot) in 99 languages:

  • Analytics+, the next generation AI omni-channel conversational analytics platform, seamlessly reviews not only what is said, but what is not said, and what it means. Immediate reduction in compliance risk, increased team efficiency and competency, resulting in measurably higher CX and EX scores. Transformative insights to senior management team and supervisors, with sophisticated alerting and reporting mechanisms. More than 50 Emotions, Behaviours and Events blended, understood in context, with 25+ algorithms analysing text and voice features such as intonation and pauses, simultaneously understanding other channels such as email and chat.

Assist+ offers real-time guidance to agents based on current most successful interactions, to improve their productivity, reduce compliance risk, and support agent well-being. Automated note-generation and summaries and escalation to managers in real time.

With a faster time to value, bespoke customisation for exact requirements, and no in-house AI expertise required. User friendly intuitive dashboard out of the box.

Empowering Operations, Quality Assurance, Compliance, Human Resources, Customer Experience, Team Leaders, and Agents to focus on the pressing actionable issues. It frees up valuable time, from searching for a needle in the haystack, by using alerts, and to focusing on delivering world class customer service, cutting costs, and finding the hidden opportunities to enhance the bottom line.