Nectar Services Corp.

Nectar enables great user, agent, and customer experiences by focusing on the health of your voice, video & real-time communications for both UC and Contact Center environments.

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Why partner with Nectar Services Corp.

Nectar provides digital experience insights for Cloud Collaboration & Contact Center Operations, no matter the platform(s) being used by:

  • Integrating your complex, multi-vendor scenarios within a single-pane-of-glass to support your users across all the UC&C and Contact Center platforms (either on-premise or cloud, or both) with our best-in-class analytics, monitoring, troubleshooting and testing tools.
  • Measuring, monitoring and optimizing your user’s, agent’s, and caller’s experience. We provide the data your team needs to understand overall performance, identify issues affecting your call quality, and optimize the experience for all.

Maximizing the quality of your users’ voice & video experiences, even your WFH users on an unmanaged network. We monitor their Internet Service Provider, local WiFi network, SIP sessions, even their headset to eliminate blind spots and surface insights to simplify troubleshooting when issues come up.

Ensuring quality interactions in any situation by conducting thorough call testing on all customer experience (CX) channels as frequently as necessary. This proactive approach can empower your team to promptly address issues, validate call performance, and prevent negative experiences for your customers.

Customizing simulations to test various load conditions, including traffic spikes, sustained volumes, and controlled traffic. Ensure performance excellence at every step of your customers’ journeys, be it during cloud migrations, new product launches, or peak seasons.