LogRocket provides pixel-perfect replays of every user session in your app so you can stop guessing about what users experienced.

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Why partner with LogRocket

LogRocket provides pixel-perfect session replays with detailed technical data to provide all the context needed to resolve support tickets. Watch sessions exactly as users saw them to settle more tickets faster and optimize customer satisfaction by eliminating endless back-and-forth conversations spent trying to identify what went wrong.

Quickly identify if user problems are due to technical errors, usability issues, or user error. Use LogRocket’s Go Live feature to walk customers thought user error and usability issues in real time, or provide development and engineering teams with all the data they need to debug and recreate technical errors and implement a fix.

Powerful data redaction ensures that no PII or sensitive fields like passwords, credit cards, or social security numbers ever leave the user’s browser or mobile device, enabling you to best serve customers while keeping their personal information safe and secure.