Intradiem provides Intelligent Automation solutions that monitor and adjust contact center operations in real time to improve agent productivity, enhance agent engagement, and improve customer experience.

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Why Partner With Intradiem

Intradiem’s Intelligent Automation is complementary to Verint’s WEM solution, maintaining a constant pulse on contact center operations through real-time monitoring of ACD & WFM system data. Changes are detected in contact center operations and agent behavior to take immediate, automated actions based on customer-defined rules with no manual intervention required.
The Intradiem Intelligent Automation solution enables customer driven agent engagement, efficiency, and productivity to ensure a consistent, world-class customer experience.

Use Cases:

  • Handle Time – Reduces call-handling time with automated alerts to help agents stay within predefined thresholds and automatically connect a supervisor to an agent when an agent requires assistance.
  • Training & Communications – Eliminates manual scheduling processes by detecting and scheduling opportune moments to automatically deliver training and other critical communications.
  • Coaching – Improve agent morale by ensuring that 1-1 coaching sessions occur at the optimal time for both coach and agent and don’t get cancelled.
  • Recognition – Increase agent satisfaction with automated delivery of surprise breaks, work anniversary/birthday recognition, and more.
  • Off-Phone Activity – Reduce call fatigue and increase workload variety by delivering segments of time to complete important off-phone activities with no impact on service levels.
  • Schedule Adherence – Eliminate manual “exception-handling” processes by automatically adjusting WFM schedules when schedule adherence is at risk.
  • AUX State Adherence – Increase adherence and improve productivity by delivering automated alerts to agents who surpass AUX state thresholds.
  • Attendance Status – Eliminate time-consuming, manual WFM processes by instantly responding to agent absences with automated supervisor alerts and WFM schedule updates.

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Intelligent automation cloud-based software automates core contact center processes and tasks that are currently performed manually by operations, WFM and agents today.