Evaluagent helps contact centers improve the quality of sales and service interactions, and provide an elevated and differentiated Customer Experience (CX).

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Why parter with Evaluagent

EvaluagentCX is the only platform to connect out-of-the-box, customizable and AI-driven insights from 100% of conversations to automated Quality Assurance (QA) and agent-improvement workflows, and with the right level of human and HR oversight.

Acting as a QA co-pilot, evaluagentCX autoscores every conversation but pinpoints the must-monitor interactions containing the most valuable insights to be assigned to human evaluators. This delivers rapid access to actionable insights and measurable agent performance improvements that drive better employee and customer experience.

Benefits Include:
  • Effortlessly import conversations from Verint into Evaluagent.
  • Automatically assign conversations for review to members of your QA team.
  • Consistently and fairly score conversations.
  • Provide timely feedback & coaching to your agents.
  • Easily track and report performance across all levels of your business.
  • Get insights from every interaction.
  • Keep agents engaged with gamified recognition & rewards.
  • Save time when booking 121s with WFM integrations.