Anthrolytics Ltd

Anthrolytics provides a Predictive Behavioral Analytics SaaS solution which uses operational data from the Verint platform to predict employee attrition and unplanned absence.

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Why partner with Anthrolytics Ltd

  1. Enhanced Proactive Intervention: By equipping your team with our insightful data, you gain the capability to see predicted behavioral trends, allowing for timely, proactive strategies to prolong employee tenure and foster a conducive working environment.
  2. Exceptional Employee Wellness Programs: Have the information to develop and implement unparalleled employee wellness programs designed to nurture and maintain the well-being of your staff, reinforcing a positive organizational culture.
  3. Substantial Cost Reduction: Optimally reduce your attrition costs significantly. In typical scenarios, extending employee tenure by merely two months can translate to an approximately 25% reduction in attrition-related costs.