(as of April 1, 2014)

NameJurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
Blue Pumpkin Software Israel Ltd.Israel
CIS Comverse Information Systems Ltd.Israel
Febrouin Investments Ltd.Cyprus
Focal Info Israel Ltd.Israel
Global Management Technologies, LLCDelaware
Global Management Technologies Asia-Pacific PTY LimitedAustralia
Iontas LimitedIreland
MultiVision Holdings LimitedBritish Virgin Islands
Rontal Engineering Applications (2001) Ltd.Israel
Suntech S.A.Brazil
Syborg GmbHGermany
Syborg Grundbesitz GmbHGermany
Syborg Informationsysteme b.h. OHGGermany
Teletrain Verint B.V.The Netherlands
Verint Acquisition LLCDelaware
Verint Americas Inc.Delaware
Verint Systems (Asia Pacific) LimitedHong Kong
Verint Systems (Australia) PTY Ltd.Australia
Verint Systems (India) Private Ltd.India
Verint Systems (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (1)Singapore
Verint Systems (Zhuhai) LimitedPeople’s Republic of China
Verint Systems B.V.The Netherlands
Verint Systems BulgariaBulgaria
Verint Systems Canada Inc.Canada
Verint Systems Cayman LimitedCayman Islands
Verint Systems GmbHGermany
Verint Systems Holdings B.V.,The Netherlands
Verint Systems Japan K.K.Japan
Verint Systems Ltd.Israel
Verint Systems New Zealand LimitedNew Zealand
Verint Systems Poland sp.z.o.o.Poland
Verint Systems SASFrance
Verint Systems UK Ltd.United Kingdom
Verint Technology Inc.Delaware
Verint Technology UK LimitedUnited Kingdom
Verint Video Solutions Inc.Nevada
Verint Video Solutions SLSpain
Verint Video Solutions UK LimitedUnited Kingdom
Verint Witness Systems Deutschland GmbHGermany
Verint Witness SystemsUnited Kingdom
Verint Witness Systems LLCDelaware
Verint Witness Systems S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Verint Witness Systems Services S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Verint Witness Systems Software, Hardware, E Servicos Do Brasil LtdaBrazil
Verint WS Holdings Ltd.United Kingdom
View Links Euclipse Ltd.Israel
Victory Acquisition I LLCDelaware
Vovici LLCDelaware
Witness Systems Software (India) Private LimitedIndia
KAY Technology Holdings, Inc.USA
Sword Soft, Inc.USA
KANA Software, Inc.USA
Overtone, Inc.USA
Ciboodle, Inc.USA
Broadbase Software, Inc.USA
Lagan Technologies, Inc.USA
KANA Software Ireland LimitedIreland
KANA Software Canada, LtdCanada
Triniventures BVNetherlands
KANA Benelux BVNetherlands
Trinicom UK LtdUK
Trinicom Belgie NV
Trinicom Duetschland GmbhGermany
Edgar Acquisition Company LimitedUK
Cibioodle LtdUK
Ciboodle Pty LtdAustralia
PT Ciboodle IndonesiaIndonesia
Ciboodle New Zealand LtdNew Zealand
Ciboodle Ireland LtdIreland
Ciboodle (Land and Estates) Ltd
Graham Technology BVNetherlands
Graham Technology Ltd
Ciboodle Customer Interaction Solutions South Africa (PTY) LtdSouth Africa
KANA Software BVNetherlands
KANA Software KKJapan
KANA Software LimitedUK
Lagan Technologies LimitedUK
KANA Solutions LimitedUK
KANA Software Ireland No. 2 LimitedIreland
Lagan Technologies (Canada) Inc.Canada
UTX Technologies LimitedCyprus
Permadeal LimitedCyprus

(1) We own a 50% equity interest in this entity and do not have the power to unilaterally direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of this entity.