Verint recognizes the critical role of business continuity management and has established processes, resources, and guidelines to ensure the availability of Verint business functions and services to customers in the event of emergency.

Verint adheres to legislation, regulatory guidelines, and codes of practice related to business continuity management, and we act in accordance with accepted standards, such as ISO 22301. We also require our key suppliers and subcontractors to define and maintain their own business continuity management plans and to make them available to Verint for review.

We are proactive about disaster recovery and business continuity planning.  Verint’s business continuity management program helps ensure that our critical processes, including product deliveries and customer services, can recover and perform subsequent to an emergency or other disruption. The program provides for data and knowledge redundancy and includes backup and recovery processes, as well as management guidelines, in the event of an emergency.

We plan to regularly review, test, and update all facets of our business continuity management program to ensure effectiveness, with risk assessments and ongoing business impact analyses to reduce disruptions to our customers and loss to our company, partners, and other stakeholders.

We will continue to invest in our business continuity infrastructure to enhance the resiliency of our key business processes and services to our customers.