We are committed to conducting business in an ethical manner and to working towards a sustainable future. We believe that doing so contributes to our objectives of creating value for our stakeholders, including customers and partners, employees and stockholders, the communities in which we work and the global community at large, and helping make the world a better place.

Verint Values

We have five core values that inform how we operate and the way we conduct our business:

  • The integrity to do what’s right
  • The innovation to create leading solutions for real-world challenges
  • The transparency that fuels mutual trust and productive, collaborative working relationships
  • The humility to view our successes as milestones in our journey, and our mistakes as opportunities for improvement
  • A passion for making our customers and partners successful

These values are at the heart of our business activities, engagements, and relationships with stakeholders.

Encouraging our employees to make the most of their skills.

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Business Continuity

Verint recognizes the critical role of Business Continuity Management (BCM), and has established processes, resources, and guidelines designed to ensure the availability of Verint business functions and services to customers and partners in the event of emergency or other operational disruption.

The BCM program, which is based on the principles of the ISO 22301 standard, is focused on maintaining continuity in the delivery and support of our products, as well as traditional back-office support functions. The BCM program also provides for data and knowledge redundancy and includes robust backup and recovery processes. Verint has put in place the infrastructure, policies, and procedures to allow employees to seamlessly work remotely, as required. We also require our key suppliers and subcontractors to define and maintain their own business continuity management plans and to make them available to Verint for review upon request.

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Verint ESG Report

Read Verint’s 2022 ESG Report. This report details the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) sustainability policies and programs that underscore our ongoing commitment to creating value for our stakeholders and making a positive and lasting impact for our employees, customers, shareholders, and community.

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Sustainability Strategy

At Verint, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and to providing our customers with environmentally friendly solutions and services to help them reduce their environmental impact.

As part of our sustainability strategy:

  • Nearly all of our product offerings are available in the cloud, which can cut energy usage compared to traditional on-premises deployments. Our multi-tenant cloud offerings result in sharing computing resources among many customers, where we can achieve economies of scale, especially when it comes to energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Nearly all of our product development and testing is done in the cloud, which can cut energy usage compared to traditional colocation environments.
  • We seek to mitigate our carbon footprint by partnering with cloud service providers or colocation facilities that have a carbon neutral or carbon negative commitment.
  • We work to optimize our cloud platform and cloud product offerings by improving central processing unit (CPU) usage and reducing resource consumption thereby reducing energy consumption
  • For our deployments that are on-premises or hybrid, we typically fulfill the software electronically via download.
  • We have implemented a hybrid work model and have reduced our office footprint around the world.
  • When appropriate, we encourage virtual rather than in-person meetings in part to reduce greenhouse gasses associated with travel.
  • Verint is certified for the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard in applicable locations.
  • We encourage our suppliers to pursue “green” policies and sustainability efforts, in addition to requirements that we impose regarding the health and safety of their employees.
  • We educate our employees on environmentally sound practices relative to their job functions and provide them with opportunities to recycle in our managed offices
  • We monitor our progress to help us set future goals.
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Verint Next Generation

At Verint, we are committed to giving back to the communities in which we live and work. In 2005, we launched the Verint Next-Generation Program, which engages Verint employees around the globe in projects that benefit children in need.

As part of the program, our employees have engaged in various community activities, including supplying food pantries, participating in blood drives, collecting clothing and school supplies, building playgrounds, cleaning parks, and planting gardens.

Verint is also proud to support our employees’ community service activities with programs for donating employee time to qualified children’s organizations and matching grants.

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