Active Voice Biometrics

Elevate your security measures, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. Enable advanced, voiceprint-based self-authentication for your customers.

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The timeless dilemma: customer experience vs. heightened security

Every year businesses lose billions of dollars as a result of fraudulent calls. Requiring additional levels of security checks – such as additional questions and one-time passwords – is a common response, but it can also result in a poor customer experience.

On the other hand, focusing solely on customer engagement and personalized service can compromise security. Expecting agents to manage increasingly complex authentication procedures also negatively impacts employee engagement.

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Tackle call security challenges with a single solution

With Verint Da Vinci Active Voice Biometrics API , you can reduce fraud in a way that doesn’t take a toll on customer experience or employee engagement. It enhances the security of interactions and transactions, while streamlining access to your services and improving response times.

Active Voice Biometrics allows your customers to register and manage their own passphrase-based voiceprint, and use it to authenticate themselves in self-service, IVR, or mobile channels.

No additional follow-up questions, no one-time passwords, no hassle

Gain Flexibility with REST APIs

Verint Da Vinci Active Voice Biometrics is a cloud-based service that is fast and cost-efficient to deploy. Since Verint Da Vinci Active Voice Biometrics uses a state-of-the-art open REST API, it can easily be built into VoiceXML environments and other systems such as Amazon Connect and Twilio. The Mobile Identity Verification SDK also allows simple deployment on Apple iOS and Android devices.

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Quick deployment and easy integration

As an optional module of Verint Engagement Data Management, Passive Voice Biometrics is available for immediate enablement on the Verint Cloud Platform. Its native integration with EDM’s Capture platform, as well as all the other leading telephony systems, the solution facilitates quick and easy integration with your contact center infrastructure.

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Extended Capabilities

Optional capabilities can extend the value of your authentication and fraud prevention efforts

  • Verint Da Vinci Passive Voice Biometrics

    Enables the use of biometrics to passively screen calls against a database of customer, agent, and fraudster “voiceprints”.
  • Verint Speech Analytics

    Automatically identifies trends, themes, and risks, helping you proactively respond to issues and threats, enhance your customer experience, and support your business objectives.
  • Verint Da Vinci Call Risk Scoring Service

    Automates the analysis of caller behavior across multiple calls in IVR and voice self-service, and flags suspicious callers to help stop fraud before it occurs.

Meet Verint Da Vinci

Verint Active Voice Biometrics relies heavily on our advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. But there’s more.

With Verint Da Vinci Services you can leverage the full potential of Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics across your enterprise, delivering even more value from the Verint Cloud Platform and other Verint applications.

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