ABC Fine Wine and Spirits

ABC stores are networked to a centralized mainframe server in which realtime sales transactions reside.

  • Industry : Retail
  • Solutions : Verint Specialty Retail
  • Region : Americas


ABC stores are networked to a centralized mainframe server in which realtime sales transactions reside. To help optimize security and efficiency, Verint® engineers developed a customized integration to ABC’s proprietary Point of Sale (POS) network at the store level. Remote access to video saves time for Loss Prevention managers and investigators because they no longer have to send videotapes between locations or drive to stores to investigate events. Additionally, investigators can leverage Verint Specialty Retail’s easy-to-use filter and search logs that recall specific events by employee, date, and ID. Today, Verint Specialty Retail helps ABC Fine Wine and Spirits resolve complaints and liability claims quickly and efficiently. “We have already seen significant savings on both hard and soft costs associated with security and investigations,” Louis DeFalco, Corporate Directory of Safety & Security said.

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Many ABC Fine Wine and Spirits stores had outdated VCR surveillance equipment and inefficient standalone DVRs, and were experiencing retention and data storage issues, as well as questions about the validity of video evidence. When Louis DeFalco joined ABC Fine Wine and Spirits as Corporate Directory of Safety & Security, he recognized a need to update the existing infrastructure.

DeFalco and his IT department worked with Verint to identify a solution to replace their video security system. “I was looking for a company that could address my concerns about storage, usability, support, remote accessibility and [POS] integration,” DeFalco stated. After examining a variety of solutions, ABC Fine Wine and Spirits selected Verint Specialty Retail.

“This system has already helped us reduce shrinkage and internal staff issues. We are quickly becoming known for our tough security policies.” DeFalco adds.

ABC Fine Wine and Spirits also wanted to monitor and record suspicious activity. Integration of the company’s POS system with Verint Specialty Retail enables managers and authorized staff to view recorded video associated with potentially fraudulent transactions, such as voided and no-sale transactions, merchandise discounts, and price changes. DeFalco says, “Being able to see everything from key strokes to cash control allows us to quickly prosecute dishonest individuals.”

“By giving us the opportunity to adapt 21st century technology to a 70 year old company, Verint has helped us enhance our operations and improve our bottom line.”