Bullhorn has managed to have the right people in the right seats at the right time with Verint Workforce Management

Bullhorn, Americas, EMEA

  • 96%

    Schedule adherence has grown to over 96% – more than double the previous benchmark of 40%.

  • 30% to 96%

    Bullhorn’s staffing adherence has improved from about 30% to 96%.

  • Over 96

    CSAT score now stands at over 96.

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Bullhorn is the global leader in software for the staffing industry. More than 10,000 companies rely on Bullhorn’s cloud-based platform to power their staffing processes from start to finish.

Headquartered in Boston, with offices around the world, Bullhorn is founder-led and employs more than 950 people globally. The company recently celebrated 19 years of consecutive growth – to which Bullhorn’s founder attributes to its commitment to creating an incredible customer experience, which he says is “the fabric of our company.” To continue to improve its CX excellence, Bullhorn relies on the latest technologies to enhance its customer care operations. The company carefully evaluates technologies to find ones that will provide fast and significant return on investment.

Only five years ago, Bullhorn had 10 analysts who were working constantly to keep up with call volumes. To remedy this issue, Bullhorn looked for a solution to better forecast its growing call volumes to ensure customer service operations could keep pace with its expanding customer base and provide the exceptional support its customers deman

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Recognizing staffing levels and call volumes were out of sync, Bullhorn sought to resolve this issue by bringing in a new workforce management system. After evaluating several solutions, Bullhorn selected Verint Workforce Management Professional because it fulfilled the organization’s need for a robust cloud-based offering and was a good fit for small and midsize contact centers.

The Verint Workforce Management Professional system provides Bullhorn with contact center demand and staffing insights to allow the company to strategically schedule its 100 contact center agents worldwide using a “follow-the-sun” support strategy. “Forecasting from the Verint Workforce Management Professional solution provides call volume predictability, enabling us to have the right people in the right seats at the right times,” says JR Stricker, Bullhorn senior vice president of support.

The system offers easy integration to a wide variety of other business systems, such as ACD and CRM systems. Bullhorn has leveraged this ease-of-integration to aggregate data from Verint Workforce Management Professional and other key systems into a centralized hub called Rodeo, which provides “unfettered” real-time access to all performance data and metrics to every department across the company.

Rodeo also supports Bullhorn’s automated voice of the customer program to support continuous improvement. Surveys launch when a support case is closed in Salesforce, a project is opened or closed by professional services, a case is opened and closed in customer success, and following a deal closure.

Rodeo also launches NPS surveys automatically weekly, cycling every six months. The survey information is used to drive follow-up activities, supporting a closed-loop voice of the customer program that involves the entire company and its customers to drive continued improvement. Any customer voicing an unsatisfactory customer experience receives a follow-up call to communicate steps the company is taking to make improvements.


Using Verint Workforce Management Professional, Bullhorn has been able to systemize scheduling and schedule adherence, and accurately track and predict call volumes, call trends, and wrap up times, transforming Bullhorn’s contact center operations to improve outcomes across a wide variety of metrics.

Since implementing Verint Workforce Management Professional, staffing adherence has improved from a figure in the 30s to 96 percent – proof positive that staffing levels are now aligned with demand, and virtually eliminating customer frustration associated with long hold times. Additionally, Bullhorn is no longer paying for unneeded staff during slow times, making its contact center operations more cost-effective.

The company’s CSAT metrics are averaging 96 or greater, while First Call Resolution stands at nearly 82 percent. Other key performance metrics have also seen strong improvements, including SLA – now above 96 percent, Follow on SLA – 100 percent, and Total Resolve – 96 percent.

Insights from Verint Workforce Management Professional data are also helping the company improve agent performance. Access to real-time scorecards and reporting empowers management to understand agent performance in one click, and leverage insights to guide ongoing behavior-based coaching. These efforts ensure that Bullhorn is making the right investments in its contact center staff – an investment that pays off big in its enviable contact center employee retention rate.

“At Bullhorn, we take great pride in promoting from within our contact center,” says Stricker. “Our contact center isn’t a job, it’s a career path, and it’s key to developing a very customer-centric workforce that has a solid understanding of the Bullhorn customer experience.”

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