Verint Speakers in December: Meeting Your CX Goals and What’s Next for AI

Susanne PittsNovember 30, 2022

Hire the Best Talent – from Anywhere – to Meet Your CX Goals

December 7; Verint webinar

Join Verint’s Paul Noone, Vice President, GTM Strategy, and Kelly Sajid, Vice President, Verint Intelligent Interviewing Strategy & Product, at noon ET for this content. Work from anywhere has increased the talent pool and placed unwelcome pressure on talent teams. It’s crucial for your organization to find and hire the right candidate for open roles. Verint Intelligent Interviewing allows you to make the best choices when hiring new candidates.

Register now to join this webinar to walk through the benefits this solution can bring to your hiring process.

A New Year’s Resolution You Should Actually Keep: Fine-Tune Your CX in 2023

December 7; Verint webinar with Retail Touchpoints

Join Verint’s Samantha McDougall, VP Customer Success, Experience Management, at 2 p.m. ET. Customer experience (CX) should be top-of-mind at all times, but it undoubtedly was neglected as the industry dealt with multiple disruptions (inflation, supply chain issues, labor shortages) in 2022. That’s why retailers’ 2023 New Year’s resolutions need to be topped by a commitment to enhancing CX in-store, online and at other critical customer touch points, such as buy online pick up in store (BOPIS).

Whether your CX needs to be completely revamped or just fine-tuned, it all starts with unifying customer data in real-time so that people throughout the enterprise can easily access and share when they need to. Without such a solution, retailers’ attempts to create a truly seamless omnichannel shopper journey will encounter serious roadblocks. Attendees will learn:

  • How to define superlative CX
  • The latest tools to monitor and manage CX, and
  • Why unified customer data is crucial to insights into the customer journey to provide a great CX

Join this webinar for retailer success stories and use cases showing proven, practical real-world methods for enhancing CX in 2023 and beyond.

Real-time Coaching: A Total Quality Game Plan

December 7; Verint webinar

Join Verint’s Martin Melis, Director, Solutions Consulting, Benelux as he interviews Rachel Yankey, international football legend and coach, at 10 a.m. GMT. Traditional quality programs are being shown the red card. It’s time to evaluate 100% of customer interactions across all channels – and give teams insightful feedback. What can we learn from sporting legends, where real-time feedback is critical to powering performance? In this webinar, Verint welcomes international football star, coach, and pundit, Rachel Yankey. As a player turned coach, we explore with her what works on the pitch and how that can help you to achieve your CX goals. We’ll explore:

  1. The benefits of real-time coaching on and off the pitch
  2. How real-time feedback boosts morale and performance
  3. How to tailor coaching styles to the needs of your team
  4. Ensuring interactions drive positive outcomes for all

Join Verint and our legendary Lioness to find out how your organisation, agents, and customers can benefit from real-time coaching assist. Together we’ll help transform your traditional quality program to a total quality program.

AI Summit New York

December 7-8; New York City

Verint has two speakers at this event.

What’s Next for AI and Collective Intelligence? – Viewpoints from Academia and Industry

Join Verint’s Cynthia Freeman, Research Scientist, on the 7th at 12:00 pm ET on the Research & Collaboration Stage. This talk features leading industrial research labs on the latest research and technology development, and how they collaborate with businesses, government, and academia.

Future of AI – Which Industries Will be Disrupted Most by 2023?

Join Verint’s Frank Schneider and VP – AI Evangelist on the 8th at 3:05 pm ET on the Future of AI Stage. We are at the beginning of the adoption curve for AI, and the long-term benefits will soon be witnessed. Which industries will be disrupted most by 2023? Which industries will be the most resistant to AI? How will AI impact businesses in the coming years?

The Current State of AI & Bots in Customer Care

December 7; Verint webinar with DestinationCRM

Join Verint’s Jason Valdina, Senior Director, Digital-First Engagement Channel Strategy, at 2 p.m. ET for this event. Way back in 2020, Gartner estimated that 40 percent of all customer interactions would be automated through artificial intelligence and machine learning by 2023. Are we there yet?  What are the best applications for these technologies? How can organizations use these technologies to expand their self-service capabilities, and how have consumers responded to these promising technologies?

Join the panel who will discuss the current state of AI and bots—and where these technologies will be deployed or expanded in the coming year.

Shine a Spotlight on Customer Insights with Speech Analytics

December 16; LinkedIn Live

Join Verint’s Daniel Ziv, Vice President, Speech and Text Analytics, Global GTM Strategy, and Kelly Koelliker, Senior Director, Content Marketing, for this session at 2 p.m. ET. If you aren’t using Speech Analytics to understand your customer conversations, your contact center is in the dark. Now, it’s time to turn on the lights. During this session, we’ll discuss:

  • How Speech Analytics can turn your call recordings into a treasure of insights
  • How to improve CX and increase compliance while also reducing costs
  • How leading organizations like yours have reaped the benefits of accurately understanding customer conversations.