Verint Shines with Its Customer Focus During Analyst Days

Dick Bucci January 25, 2023

Verint’s Analyst Days occurred on December 8 and 9, 2022. Analysts from around the United States who closely examine the customer engagement industry, including yours truly, attended. Verint selected the ultra-swank Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center at National Harbor, Maryland. Great location. Great facility.

The Verint team did a superb job of packing a lot of terrific content into a day and one-half. The presenters were all senior level executives.

There were several interesting customer stories presented. My favorite was Florida Power & Light (FP&L). The company’s Workforce Management managers explained how Verint Interaction Analytics helped FP&L quickly adapt to the unpredictable path of Florida’s 2022 storm season. By doing so, they kept agents apprised of the very latest information so they could quickly process the flood of calls they were receiving from anguished customers.

It is impossible to summarize the content of each Verint presentation in a short blog—however, if I had to condense this event into a few basic themes, I would choose the following:

Verint’s commitment to addressing the “Engagement Capacity GapTM.”

Verint’s sophisticated market research has uncovered a dilemma facing large companies and that is the desire to more broadly adopt a customer experience focus but being stymied by obstacles. Celia Fleischaker, Verint Chief Marketing Officer, covered this well in her presentation. She noted that “cost and resources was the number one deterrent.” Verint has consistently cited this Engagement Capacity Gap as the linchpin to their strategy to capture what they see as a very large, underserved opportunity.

The second key theme, which was brought up by the various presenters, differentiates Verint from market alternatives based on architecture, namely the Verint Platform.

Heather Richards, VP GTM Strategy, and other presenters explained that the Verint Platform is the company’s solution to addressing the Engagement Capacity Gap. This platform sports an Open Platform Multi-Cloud Architecture powered by Verint Da Vinci AI & Analytics and the Verint Engagement Data Hub.

The Verint Platform seamlessly connects to the customer’s unique enterprise cloud ecosystem, sharing data across all cloud or on-premises applications. What really sets Verint apart from its peers is the ultra-advanced artificial intelligence and analytics engine that drives the embedded applications and adds value to custom applications.

One Workforce is another significant point of differentiation.

Verint understands how organizations have struggled to balance the cost savings, efficiency, and scalability of self-service with the knowledge, responsiveness, and problem-solving skills of human agents.

Verint technology has successfully blended live customer service and automated service to provide a solution that leverages the advantages of both. They call this “Workforce Orchestration.” Three of the benefits are:

  • Seamlessly integrates bot and human-assisted interactions into a single conversation.
  • Provides fast time to value through automating the most common customer interactions first – then scales with demand.
  • Offers proactive, contextual knowledge that provides real-time information for customer self service, bots, and agents.

All in all, Verint did a really great job of highlighting their strategies and their people. The sessions were interactive. Company executives taught but they also listened. Speaking for myself, I think another great benefit of Analyst Days is the opportunity to meet Verint employees and to meet other analysts. We cannot wait to see how Verint tops this event in 2024.

Dick Bucci
Pelorus Associates