Verint and KANA: The Perfect Match

Paul Stockford May 22, 2014

The Verint-KANA combination provides the technology foundation for customer engagement optimizationthe next evolution toward creating a truly customer-centric enterprise. The first step was customer service management in the 1980s followed by customer experience management in the early 2000s. While there are important distinctions, both philosophies focus on interactions and processes rather than the complete customer journey. Customer engagement optimization recognizes that today’s empowered consumers demand a more personalized level of interactions. This means offers and support should be tailored to their unique requirements and delivered through their preferred channels.

With Verint and KANA, the customer care industry has one of those rare corporate marriages where both parties bring something new that complements the other. Verint is a recognized leader in workforce optimization (WFO) applications. Its skillset focuses largely on quality management, workforce management, performance evaluation, speech and text analytics, and enterprise feedback management, as well as coaching and eLearning. KANA’s core competencies address interactions through the use of knowledge management, case management, live chat, co-browsing, and social collaboration.

Let’s examine how this might work in the future. Assume you call technical support for help with a software program and your vendor has installed an integrated Verint-KANA solution suite. If you had called previously, the technician would know your contact history. To help diagnose and solve the problem KANA’s co-browsing feature lets you both share the same screen. The technician can also access KANA’s knowledge management resource for tech bulletins and other resources.

With Verint technology, the software vendor can analyze all tech support calls and trouble tickets looking for root causes. The exercise uncovers a previously unknown software bug. Deep analysis of individual recordings enables engineering to identify the precise parameters of the problem which leads to producing a patch. Emails are generated to all known buyers instructing them to download the patch. Verint’s enterprise feedback management solution can then send an email survey to gauge how satisfied customers are with this response.

Verint was first in the industry with an integrated workforce optimization suite and first with specialized WFO products and services for back-office and branch operations. Now we can add empowerment of customer engagement optimization to the growing list of industry firsts.