The New Face of Performance Management

Jenni Palocsik February 19, 2016

Today, it is all too easy for customers to switch to a competitor. More than ever, organizations need to balance the need to get the most from their operations while also equipping employees to offer the best possible customer experience—and thus be more successful in retaining customers and growing revenue.

These are big and important goals. In order to work toward achieving them, it’s important to identify specific objectives—and supporting key performance indicators—that can be shared with employees, and then used to measure and manage the quality of ongoing customer engagement.

Many of you know firsthand that managing performance and productivity in a typical enterprise is no easy task—and it’s not getting any easier. Dissimilar systems, fairly complex processes and the differences in performance metrics between roles and functions make successfully running a contact center, back office or branch operations quite challenging.

Having a clear view into what’s happening in your operations can provide your managers—who play a role in helping achieve customer engagement—with the data they need. That’s where performance management comes in. Organizations that have not seriously considered performance management before have good reasons to take another look, as the battle for customer loyalty intensifies.

Performance management requires organizational buy-in, transparency, regular measurement and a keen focus on the strategic goals of a business. To help companies master these dynamics, Verint Performance Management features a unified set of scorecards, coaching, e-learning and gamification capabilities that enable a closed-loop cycle and an advanced approach to performance management.

Significant enhancements have recently been made to Verint Workforce Optimization software designed to help organizations more effectively manage the performance of employees and operations across the enterprise. Offering a brand-new user experience, this latest release includes performance management innovations to help managers gain even greater insight into how employees are performing and how well goals are being met.

Verint Performance Management provides a new UI and a standard framework for efficiently tracking, managing and improving individual and team performances.


A new state-of-the-art user interface supports advanced visualization, data exploration, and analysis of employee and company-wide performance—offering needed insights that help enable time-sensitive decision making. The addition of new flexible scorecard workspaces and the Improvement Opportunities widget also help managers work more effectively by identifying critical metrics that are not meeting goals, or specific KPIs that have recently declined.

Likewise, employees benefit from a more intuitive performance scorecard and greater visibility into how they are performing toward the achievement of their individual goals.