The Future of Communication in Financial Compliance–Podcast with Tom Fox

Erik Joo November 21, 2023

Phil Fry, VP and GTM of Verint Financial Compliance, was recently a guest on compliance evangelist Tom Fox’s popular podcast channel, Compliance Podcast Network.

Over the course of five episodes, Phil and Tom have an exciting and insightful conversation on what’s changed in financial compliance over the past few years, the difficulties faced by financial services firms, as well as the developments and innovations Verint has been working on to respond to these new challenges.

Read on to learn more—and listen to the podcast through the links at the bottom.

We know we keep saying this, but it’s true: the challenges financial services organizations are facing today to stay compliant are more complex than ever.

Trading floors have an extremely specific and complicated vernacular that only sophisticated, specialized compliance solutions can handle.

In addition, global events such as the pandemic, the world-wide adoption of hybrid working, and the ever-expanding array of communications channels have also presented the financial markets with unprecedented obstacles over the past few years.

These obstacles and the changes companies have gone through to tackle them have transformed the industry drastically, and vendors are doing their best to keep up.

We at Verint have also taken up the gauntlet and responded to changing customer needs and user behavior with numerous developments and innovations:

  • We pioneered compliance capture capabilities for Microsoft Teams that set Verint Financial Compliance apart from the competition: capturing persistent chat, conditional recording, stop/start recording, and more.
  • We decided to approach compliance with a fresh-start mindset, coined Human Compliance™, shifting the focus from technologies—devices, platforms, and modalities—to the alignment of data around people.
  • We teamed up with Intelligent Voice, who boast unmatched speech recognition and transcription capabilities in the financial industry, to create a unique, comprehensive Communications Profiling and Data Insights solution for our customers—powered by best-in-class features and generative AI.
  • We recognized the increasing importance of technology in compliance, treating it as the 4th line of defense alongside business, compliance, and audit.

With so much happening lately, we thought it would be nice to sit down with Tom, who’s a household name in the compliance industry, and have a thorough discussion on the state of affairs.

In the 5-episode podcast series with Tom and Phil, they discuss all the above and more, including the rise of unified communications tools, the role of AI in financial compliance, as well as the importance of risk analysis and data insights.

To listen to the episodes, click on the links below: