Is it Tricks or Treats in Your Contact Center?

Lisa Boles October 26, 2022

Ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night…is that what you think of when you think about the way things run in your contact center? Are you haunted by horrors in your contact center? Read on (if you dare) as we explore the nightmares that keep contact center managers awake at night.

The Terror of Trapped Data

There are crucial insights lurking in the dark recesses of your siloed data. There could be some TRICKS hiding in there that are preventing you from getting the complete picture of what’s going on in your contact centers.

That’s what happens when you’re unable to gather unified insights across BOTH voice and text customer interactions.

You don’t need to be a wizard to turn these insights into a complete picture of your contact center interactions. Verint Next Generation Interaction Analytics breaks down those scary silos to unify the view of your rich, unstructured data for a complete picture of your contact center interactions—enhancing customer experience and reducing time and effort.

Sounds like a TREAT to me!

The Mystery of the Missing Agents

We’ve heard much over the last year about the labor shortages caused by “The Great Resignation.” Even with the specter of a recession hanging over us, unemployment is at an all-time low. Many contact centers find hiring and retaining top-performing agents is an ongoing challenge.

More recently, there’s a new trend called “quiet quitting”—where employees aren’t outright quitting, but rather putting in the minimum effort required to do their jobs.

So whether you’re having trouble filling open jobs or looking for ways to re-engage agents who have simply “checked out,” you have options. Verint Intelligent Interviewing helps automate and speed up the hiring process so you can beat your competition to the top talent.

And, once they’re hired, you want to get them up-to-speed and productive as soon as possible by providing them with easy-to-use tools that will help them be successful and keep them engaged.

After all, engaged employees help create happy customers. Using tools that drive employee engagement can help improve your chances of keeping your best employees. Make sure you are creating a supportive work environment—with clearly defined goals—that provides your agents with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful.

More treats!

The Curious Case of the Capacity Gap

Today’s contact centers are still plagued by trying to do more with less. The number of interactions and the channels in which they take place continues to grow, along with customer expectations. Contact centers are struggling to keep up with this increased demand while simultaneously keeping a close eye on tightening budgets and on-going staffing challenges.

One key to bridging this “engagement capacity gap” is to eliminate the strain on the contact center by finding the right balance between automation and human interaction. This approach benefits customers—who are often able to get the answers to their questions/concerns addressed more quickly and efficiently (improved first call resolution)—as well as agents, by eliminating some of the pressure of the ever-increasing number of interactions they must deal with.

Again, happier agents make happier customers. Treats all around!

Your contact center doesn’t have to be a scary place for your customers and your agents. For more information on ways Verint solutions can deliver sweet successes, talk to a Verint expert.