Analyst and Influencer Viewpoints from Verint Engage 2023

Ryan Zuk July 5, 2023

We’re still riding high from Verint Engage a few weeks ago. If you were in Las Vegas with us, thank you—we’re thrilled that you joined us. For those who couldn’t make it, Verint’s social media channels are full of content with helpful insights you can start using now.

Below is some coverage from the event—we’ll continue to share more here in the blog and on other Verint channels. We’re grateful to these industry analysts and influencers who joined us last month and helped spread the news about Verint developments and innovations announced at Engage 2023.

No Jitter: What is Verint Open CCaaS?

Sheila McGee-Smith examines Verint’s new Open CCaaS Platform, noting a transformative era in the realm of contact center operations. Learn through her No Jitter article how this innovation is starting an industry-wide conversation.

BC Strategies: Viva Las Verint!

Blair Pleasant of BC Strategies recounts her Engage23 experience, emphasizing the event’s Open CCaaS theme. Read on and hear Verint leaders speak about the company’s latest plans and innovations.

CRM Playaz: Live from Engage 2023

Check out Brent Leary and Paul Greenberg’s CRM Playaz interviews with Verint CMO Celia Fleischaker, industry analyst Maribel Lopez, and others from the Engage23 mainstage about AI, customer experience, and more.

Ventana Research: Verint Wants You to Think Differently About Contact Centers

Ventana Research’s Keith Dawson explores why Verint’s platform is a solid option for ensuring an orderly transition from a telephony-centric call center to a modern, integrated CX operation.