Customer Engagement for Your Industry

What are leading brands doing to improve CX and lower costs?  Winners Automate.

Every organization wants to be successful, regardless of the industry in which it operates and the customers it serves. But meeting customer expectations is getting harder, not easier.  And while cloud solutions can help, it evolves so quickly that you might not know where to start.

So why not start here, with Verint?  For over 20 years, we’ve delivered solutions and services  to help tackle customer engagement challenges in a variety of industries.

  • Financial Services

    Are you facing consolidation, fierce competition, increasing transaction volumes, and narrower profit margins? Verint provides leading financial institutions a comprehensive suite of solutions to help elevate customer engagement to a competitive differentiator. We can deliver insights to help you reduce costs while increasing the quality of service.

    “We’re very satisfied with the results we’ve seen so far with Verint Workforce Management. Now we can easily balance workloads, helping to reduce costs from overstaffing and overtime.”

    – Project Manager, ABN AMRO

    Financial Services