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Let us help you close the Engagement Capacity Gap

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Organizations are struggling to manage an explosion of channels, interactions and customer journeys. This is the Engagement Capacity Gap – the demands outnumber your resources. We can help.

Verint Managed Services allows your staff to focus on your core business while we focus on maximizing business value from your Verint Customer Engagement solutions – creating value from day one.

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Verint Managed Services

Customers of Verint Managed Services have a dedicated service director who is responsible for program delivery.  This individual works with you to implement a sustainable program, based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards.

In addition to system monitoring, updating and control, you’ll receive connected data analysis, business trend reporting, change management reporting, and opportunity and benefit analysis.  The scope of activities can include such services as:

  • Service Management Planning
  • Enterprise Health Checks
  • Change Control Management
  • Software Updates
  • Enterprise Audits
  • Management Reviews
  • Advanced Application Analysis
  • Advanced Incident Management
  • Reporting and Reviews
  • Application Usage Reviews
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Release Management
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Benefits of Verint Managed Services

Aside from the certainty that you are getting the maximum value from your customer engagement solutions, Verint Managed Services offers additional benefits:

  • Robust governance processes that fuel cost savings and maximizes system availability
  • Accelerated time to value
  • Increased flexibility for your IT organizations
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Let us manage your quality program

BPA Quality, A Verint Company, is a quality and assurance (QA) outsourcer that provides the skilled and knowledgeable resources needed to manage your quality program for you. We can also ensure that you always have an expert QA team available to evaluate calls, emails, text and chat to help innovate coaching and agent skill development.

Additionally, our independent quality analysts (IQAs) proactively identify opportunities and/or threats to your business. Our data analytics and data journalists turn those insights into actionable feedback and recommendations. Should our analysts identify an issue for which you do not have the available resources or skills to fix, BPA can design and implement a solution using the BPA client support team.

Learn more about how BPA Quality can help you.
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Solution Specific Managed Services

Verint also has additional, solution-specific managed service offerings.

  • Workforce Management Managed Services includes a WFM model validation. It ensures alignment between UI configuration and business requirements
  • Speech Analytics Managed Services includes Phonetic boost: enhance speech transcription and analytics performance as well as Category Advisory Review to optimize your results
  • Quality Management Managed Services includes the review or help in creating evaluation forms, optimizing scoring functionality and recommending best practices
  • Performance Management Managed Services includes the review or help in creating KPIs as well as reviewing, testing and confirming KPI calculations
  • Desktop and Process Analytics Managed Services includes the review or help in creating triggers and application modules
  • Reporting Analytics Managed Services includes the review or help in creating ad-hoc reports, incorporating data, formatting and calculations and testing to confirm results
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