Introducing the Customer Experience Myths Guidebook

A CX myth is something widely believed or implemented that is based on “how we’ve always done it” thinking, rather than delivering truly innovative customer experiences.

What CX myths are holding organizations back from top-level customer experience performance? What can companies do to find solid ground and move forward successfully?

In this guidebook, we answer those questions and more as we explore three key myths and two strategies that you can use to replace them.

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The CX Myths

This report details the CX Myths that are holding organizations back from true CX maturity and success.

  1. The Myth of the Solo CX Initiative
  2. The Myth of Siloed CX
  3. The Myth of the Standalone Contact Center

Build A Positive Feedback Loop

Our guidebook details the beneficial relationship that connected contact-center feedback and VoC insights can have on the each other. By listening everywhere, including in the contact center, you can feed into voice of the customer insights, and those insights can help improve the contact center.

One way to do this quickly and effectively is with intelligent bots for interaction wrap up, call risk scoring, data insights, and so much more.

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Why CX Myths?

Though customer experience is an art as ancient as business itself, with the advent of new technology and best practices, even old reliable assumptions are being challenged. These myths served a purpose at one time, but don’t represent the latest in CX best practices.

At Verint, we want you to put your best foot forward for your customers every day. You can’t do that if your CX efforts are being held back by myths. By sharing the truth, we hope you’ll achieve better insights, contact center service, and business results.

Overcoming Myths with Truth

Don’t let these common CX myths hold you back. With the information in this report you can act with confidence and deliver an exceptional customer experience every time.


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