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Why part with Glassbox

With Glassbox and Verint, you can significantly enhance your digital experience. By using customer-rated interactions, you can identify similar session recordings across your entire user base and measure the true scope of friction, allowing you to prioritize effectively. Business initiatives can be driven by real customer sentiment rather than surface-level CSAT and NPS scores.

To quickly understand the experience behind customer feedback, you can watch real-time session replays linked to feedback, with automatic struggle detection revealing key issues behind negative feedback. Alternatively, use text or AI searches within the session activity tree to locate problematic issues mentioned in surveys and phone calls.

Layer qualitative feedback with behavioral analysis to scale insights by correlating micro-experiences with NPS, CSAT scores, and sentiment analysis. Segment users with similar experiences and journeys, extending Voice of the Customer (VoC) insights to those who don’t leave feedback, and monitor behavior to ensure interventions are effective.

Prioritize customer feedback by its business impact by measuring the effect of negative feedback, segmenting audiences, and visualizing journey abandonment. Incorporate VoC data into dynamic dashboards to understand the relationship between digital experiences, customer feedback, and revenue. This comprehensive approach ensures that customer feedback is effectively leveraged to drive business improvements.