comitFS provides integrated middleware for financial markets, focusing on compliance, collaboration, and workflow automation.

Why partner with comitFS

CAS Ready for Business (RFB) addresses customers oversight needs by ensuring traders regulated calls on physical turrets are correctly recording before the start of the day.

CAS RFB leverages the Turret Vendor and Verint APIs to run an automated walk the floor test, replicating the task an engineer would traditionally undertake. Today, 70% of compliance issues can be traced back to human error.

CAS RFB offers several benefits to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

Automated Testing
RFB Validates the IPC and BT Turrets working and the generated is recorded on Verint 15.x and or Verint Enterprise Recording and or Verint Financial Compliance Recording.

Proactive Alters
RFB notifies customers of failures such as:

  • Inability to log into the device
  • Inability to place a call
  • Inability to see the meta data generated from device
  • Inability to see the meta data in the VFX or Verint Recorder

Improve Trader Outcomes
Eliminates human error in repetitive testing processes

Reduction of Human Error
Eliminates human error in repetitive testing processes

Comprehensive Coverage
Transition from manual proactive testing of 1-2% of the estate to 100% automated testing

Resource Optimization
Frees up IT teams from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more critical activities

Pre-Trading Day Issue Resolution
Enables IT teams to proactively correct issues before the start of the trading day

Reduce Upgrade Periods
Post-patch, 100% of devices can be tested, minimizing downtime

Support Customer Automation Agenda
Helps showcase best practice to senior management

Compatibility with Beyond Turret Devices
Can also be deployed on Cisco phones

Independent Oversight
Provides an independent layer of oversight for compliance

Proven effectiveness
Already deployed in top 5 global investment bank

Voice Quality Assurance
Ingest Verint Financial Compliance Voice Quality Check into the RFB dashboard

Cloud Ready
Software can be deployed in customer’s Cloud. Microsoft Azure RFB is Terraform enabled, collapsing the time to install our software