4 Roads

4 Roads is one of the longest-standing Verint Partners, specialising in helping global brands successfully understand and adopt the Digital First Engagement solutions that work best for them and their customers’ problems.

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Why Partner With 4 Roads

Through a well-considered blend of Strategy, Design & Development, we leverage Verint solutions to create the kind of brand experiences that people seek out, share, celebrate and come back to. And we’re proud to do this for some of the world’s most exciting brands, each one dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences to their customers or members.

If this sounds like you, and if bringing extraordinary ideas to life doesn’t make your palms (too) sweaty, let’s talk. We’d love to see how we can team up and start using Verint’s solutions to build great things together.

Verint Marketplace listings

This plugin provides a configuration wrapper to Application Insights and also adds logging for key events.

These rules are automatic actions that Community performs in response to platform triggers and conditions specified in the Rules tab of the Control Panel.

This plugin provides extensions to allow the web pages to include schema.org micro data elements in the web page markup.

The 4 Roads Splash Page plugin gets access to the rendering pipeline after all content is rendered by using 4-Roads Rendering Helper.

This plugin provides configuration extensions so a user is able to specify advanced default options for individual areas of the site.

This utility plugin allows access to the rendering pipeline after all content is rendered.

4 Roads – Group Data Export is a free plugin that allows you to export your community site’s groups to a CSV file.

4 Roads URL Link Extensions is a free plugin that provides extensions to allow the web pages adjust URL links in user generated content.

4 Roads – User Data Export is a free plugin that lets you export your community site’s users to a csv file.

Extract Digest Users Automation is a utility to extract list of site wide group digest subscriptions.

Integrated Video Callingadds the power of video calling to your Verint Community.

MFA is a free plugin that grants access of your community site to the user only after successful email validation.

The Verint Community Ticketing Application allows community users to raise public and private tickets to be viewed and responded to.