Real-Time Coaching Bots

Discover how Verint Real-Time Coaching Bots give agents the real-time assistance they need to drive positive outcomes for complex customer calls.

Meet the Bots

Verint Real-Time Coaching Bots automate delivery of real-time guidance to help agents drive interactions to positive outcomes. Each bot helps guide agents with a particular challenge.

  • Complaint Handling Coaching Bot: Provides best practices for addressing complaints to avoid escalations and customer churn.
  • Compliance Coaching Bot: Offers real-time guidance to agents to help improve adherence to compliance policies and processes.
  • Performance Coaching Bot: Real-time guidance designed to improve agent behavior while offering next-best actions.
  • Sentiment Coaching Bot: Automates delivery of real-time guidance to detect and improve customer sentiment based on the context and content of the interaction.

Help your agents in the moment

Your contact center agents are your direct connection to your customers. As such, it is imperative to empower these agents with real-time assistance to help improve the quality and efficiency of customer service interactions.

Verint’s Real-Time Coaching Bot is an innovative solution that can listen to customer calls as they happen and automatically identify opportunities to guide interactions toward better outcomes for your customers and organization.

The solution uses Verint DaVinci real-time AI to precisely transcribe the conversation which is then used to notify and assist employees and supervisors about ways to handle call more effectively.

While Verint Real-Time Coaching Bots are part of Verint Cloud solutions, they can also be configured to work with Verint hybrid customers’ installs as needed.

How to Select A Real-Time Coaching Solution

Key features

  • Analyze calls and desktop activities in real-time

    Automatically identify opportunities to guide interactions toward better outcomes for your customers and organization.

  • Real-time guidance for employees wherever they are

    Whether your agents are in your contact center, or are working remotely, Real-Time Coaching Bots provide them with AI-driven, real-time guidance based on acoustic (non-verbal), linguistic (verbal), and desktop activity.

  • Quickly identify and address negative sentiment before it escalates

    When negative sentiment is detected, agents can receive suggestions for next best action, in real-time, to drive a positive outcome for the interaction.

  • Reduce cost and handle time

    Agents are notified when a long pause or silence reaches a set threshold so they can adjust their behavior accordingly — helping to significantly reduce handle time and cost while improving customer experience and SLAs.

  • Improve agent experience

    Improve agent experience and decrease employee churn by providing support when they need it — in real-time. Providing guidance to help navigate difficult customer calls such as complaints and escalations.

  • Improve results

    Use keywords and phrases to identify opportunities for upsell/cross sell by prompting agents to make relevant special offers to customers in the moment. Improve first-call resolution along with an overall improvement in customer experience.

More than just keywords

Verint is uniquely able to identify triggers from three different sources to guide employees in real time:

  • Linguistic — Recognizing specific words, or a positive or negative sentiment.
  • Acoustic — Recognizing sound triggers, such as long silences and interruptions.
  • Application — Adding critical context from the employee’s desktop, such as adherence to processes.

When these triggers — which can be based on language, acoustic events or desktop activity — are found, employees are notified of recommended actions in a unified Work Assist application, so they can immediately guide the call to a better outcome.

Discover the value of Real-Time Coaching

A critical tool for the at-home workforce

Real-time assistance for agents is more critical now than before. With many contact center agents working from home, it is more difficult to monitor them, and more difficult for them to summon assistance when needed.

Verint Real-time Coaching Bots provides the monitoring and assistance your agents need, so you can:

  • Reduce customer churn
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce escalations
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