Santa Loves Verint

This past season, Santa’s workshop received requests from more kids and through more communication channels than ever. And it’s not like they could just hire more elves to meet these needs. That’s why Santa and his crew brought Verint Bots into the workshop. Here’s how the North Pole embraced AI-powered bots to make this the most efficient holiday season yet.

Santa loves Verint

A Bot for Every Challenge

Santa can’t afford mistakes, delays, or missed orders when delivering a few billion packages all in one night. If there’s failure, kids stop believing. Thankfully, his workshop relied on Verint Bots.

As part of the Verint Open CCaaS platform, Verint bots didn’t replace the elves in the workshop. Rather, they made their jobs easier, more fulfilling, and more effective by automating routine tasks.

There’s a bot to help with everything in the workshop to improve operations not just this season, but for years to come.

Learn More About Verint Bots
  • Quality Bots

    Santa’s workshop used AI-powered quality bots that automatically and continuously evaluate all interactions against his scoring rules. He has performance and “compliance” insights without manual effort for the elves.

    Your workshop…or workplace…can also benefit from greater quality efficiency and insight so you can make sure all of your agents avoid the naughty list.

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