Access Innovation Now With Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Access AI innovations without a lengthy rip-and-replace cloud migration

“Rip and Replace” isn't the only option

If you’re like most brands, you’re looking to add innovation now to address your pressing business priorities. But if you haven’t yet moved your contact center to the cloud,  these innovations may seem out of reach. With Verint Open Platform, they don’t have to be.

Ripping out your on-premises architecture to move to the cloud is time-consuming, expensive, and risky. What if, after months or years of effort, you still don’t see significant business benefits? Cloud migration projects simply replace the underlying architecture, they don’t necessarily drive business outcomes.

But what’s the alternative? Read on to find out.

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Get AI business outcomes now with Verint

Since our platform is open, we don’t require our customers to rip out their existing investments. Instead, you can keep the parts of your ecosystem that are working for you, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud.

Add Verint bots and applications to address your most pressing business priorities, and start seeing business outcomes immediately. You can adopt more functionality over time, at your pace, seeing results every step of the way.

Our open hybrid cloud solutions let you avoid the risk and time associated with massive projects so you can focus on outcomes.

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Get started in just 30 days

With Verint, you can start as small as a single specialized bot. Choose the bot that addresses your most pressing business priority and connect it with your existing contact center ecosystem. Our bots are easy to deploy and can usually be set up in just 30 days.

You’ll start seeing business outcomes quickly, and can build on your success with more bots and applications over time.

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Keep your ACD

If your contact center is currently not in the cloud, you may be worried about the cost and effort to move away from your on-premises ACD. Replacing your telephony system is a big project, but it won’t help you increase CX automation.

So instead of replacing it, why not keep your ACD and connect it with Verint Open Platform? Because of our open approach, you can connect any ACD to the platform, even if you use multiple ACDs throughout your business.

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Real results from Verint Open Platform

A large healthcare company grew through acquisition. Over the years, the company’s ecosystem comprised of dozens of applications, both on-premises in the cloud. This included multiple ACDs from different acquired companies.

The company wanted to increase CX automation, but didn’t want to replace their entire complex ecosystem. Instead, they deployed Verint Open Platform and connected it with the existing applications in their ecosystem. They were able to connect to multiple ACDs across their business to provide a unified experience to increase CX automation.

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Your environment, your choice

Let’s face it. Not every company has moved every application to the cloud. In fact,  many of your on-premises investments are likely still working well and performing the job they were intended to do.

Verint’s hybrid cloud approach lets you continue to add AI-powered innovation whether you’ve completely moved to the cloud or not. It’s innovation without migration. That’s the benefit of being open.