Passive Voice Biometrics

Enhance security and improve customer experience with automatic identification of callers and potential fraudsters

From your password today…

Identifying fraudulent callers is a growing concern. But lengthy and complex authentication questions often frustrate callers.

How can you keep your customer experience smooth and frictionless, while guarding against the fraudulent calls that can lead to financial loss and reputational damage?

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With Verint Passive Voice Biometrics…

…you can carry out automatic, real-time customer and employee authentication, as well as fraudster identification.

Operating silently in the background voice biometrics will verify callers faster and more securely than traditional methods. Calls are screened against a database of customer, agent, and fraudster “voiceprints” to confirm – or deny – that the caller’s voice matches the related record in the relevant database.

Case Study

A global Asian bank used Verint Passive Voice Biometrics to authenticate 1.75 million callers in the first two years of the solution’s operation. The average time needed to authenticate callers was reduced by more than 50% – from 83 seconds to 37 seconds – and 99 per cent of customers were happy to allow the use of their voice print in this way.

Real-time alerts

Part of Verint’s ground-breaking Engagement Data Management (EDM) solution, a component of the Verint Cloud Platform, Passive Voice Biometrics operates in real-time. After just a few seconds of natural customer-agent interaction, the system can verify and inform the agent if the caller matches the customer voiceprint, or if the voiceprint indicates a potential fraud risk.

Also included:

  • Customer Voiceprint Database –A database of legitimate customer voiceprints that links each voiceprint record to a unique customer identifier, then automatically matches each caller against your records
  • Agent Voiceprint Database – A database of employee voiceprints matches the agent handling each call to confirm their identity and authorization to handle the call.
  • “Blacklist” Voiceprint Database – A database of targeted watchlist of fraudster voiceprints to screen incoming voices against this watch list of voiceprints.
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Quick deployment and easy integration

As an optional module of Verint Engagement Data Management, Passive Voice Biometrics is available for immediate enablement on the Verint Cloud Platform. Its native integration with EDM’s Capture platform, as well as all the other leading telephony systems, the solution facilitates quick and easy integration with your contact center infrastructure.

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Extended capabilites

Optional capabilities can extend the value of your authentication and fraud prevention efforts.

Verint Speech Analytics – Automatically identifies trends, themes, and risks, helping you proactively respond to issues and enhance your customer experience.
• Verint Da Vinci Active Voice Biometrics Service – Enables the use of biometrics to verify customers’ identity in your interactive voice response (IVR), intelligent virtual assistant (IVA), and mobile apps.
Verint Da Vinci Call Risk Scoring Service – Automatically analyzes caller behavior in IVR and voice self-service, flagging suspicious callers to help stop fraud before it occurs.

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