Avaya’s cloud communications and workstream collaboration services power personalized, intelligent, and memorable customer and employee experiences. Together with Verint, Avaya customers can achieve AI business outcomes, now.

Verint + Avaya: Producing long-term customer success

Verint and Avaya are two recognized customer engagement leaders with a 20+ year strategic partnership. Our two organizations jointly serve thousands of customers, many who have been with us for over 10 years. The single vendor strategy and extensive experience helps deliver customer success. 

Verint’s solutions work with a variety of Avaya contact center solutions. Joint customers can increase CX automation by leveraging our team of AI-powered bots to augment the human workforce. With CX automation, both on-premises and cloud customers can quickly add bots to their existing investment to take advantage of innovation quickly, seeing AI business outcomes without migrating your existing environment.  

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Exceeding customer and employee expectations in the experience economy

To compete in today’s experience economy – where feelings matter most and customers make purchase and brand decisions on how organizations make them feel – it’s critical for organizations to deliver the experience customers expect.

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Innovation without disruption with Avaya

Avaya brings customers a multi-cloud application ecosystem with unique hybrid delivery architecture that protects investments, prevents disruption, and deliver multi-experience continuity across any cloud journey. Avaya solutions are tailored to fit the needs of existing environments comprised of different platforms, apps, and other ecosystems. 

Avaya Experience Platform Private (AXP)

Avaya Experience Platform makes it easy to deliver effortless experiences for customers and employees at every touchpoint and it connects everything: voice, video, chat, messaging, and more. It brings together teams, resources, and insights to maximize contact center performance and experiences. 

Avaya Communications APIs 

Empower developers to communications-enable any workflow or app for any business need. 

Moreover, Avaya solutions are powered by smart, data-driven automation, with AI built into every aspect of customer and employee experiences across all touchpoints. We’re committed to ongoing technology innovation, partnership, and a relentless focus on what’s next. 

The benefits of Avaya Solutions

Avaya’s cloud communication solutions and multi-cloud application ecosystem power personalized, intelligent, and memorable customer and employee experiences to help achieve AI business outcomes.  Avaya is uniquely positioned to help organizations create effortless multi-experiences with technology that’s defined by three solution principles: 

  • Speed-to-value, packaged apps that offer immediate benefits to deliver what you need, when you need it. 
  • Extensible technology partnerships to complement every app with things like AI-powered support, voice biometrics, and more. 
  • Cutting-edge innovation that lets organizations evolve by connecting all manner of apps and workflows. 

Product line-up

  • Workforce Management Solutions & WFM Software

    Powerful workforce management software improves both the customer and the employee experience while helping your organization achieve its goals.
  • Interaction Wrap Up Bot

    Generative AI summarizes interactions between customers and agents, dramatically reducing after-call work. Lower agent cost, improve wrap-up quality, and elevate customer experience now.
  • Verint TimeFlex Bot

    Your employees demand more work/life balance. With TimeFlex, AI empowers agents to make unlimited schedule changes.
  • Automated Quality Management with Verint Quality Bots

    Verint Quality Bots automate your quality program to save time and money, improve quality, and reduce compliance risk. Start today and see 5x ROI.